Friday, August 10, 2012


a long walk
on anonymous path
treading golden glow
carpet of copperpod
only the trees
recognize me.
desolate sweee of magpie
 echo of African thrush
a koel coos its curtsies
salve to the singed soul
brings me back
from baobab to banyan country.
On the periphery, waves
curl up to coconut palms
a Gondola gushes
Goan music…
in the ebbing daylight, reflections
of faraway lands – recede.
Somewhere, lost
herein, I reside. 

1 comment:

  1. ... loved reading your transitional poem padmaja... heres one from me as i walk down the street paved with the cherry blossoms...
    they urge me
    these trees with many fluffy blossoms
    to touch them and embrace them
    to stand a while under their rosy shadows and hear what they have to say
    they speak i tell you they speak
    when touched caressed and thought of well they speak in hush whispers
    telling me
    i am their friend
    and always will be...
    sparrows chirps and plays up on their newly decorated branches
    and robins sing the spring song...
    i stand quiet drinking in the beauty and the sounds
    glad they invited me to their party