Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Haiku Moments in Africa Kenyan urban countryside

has the bougainvillea
tinted the peach blossoms and painted
the sunset sky?

male bronze sunbird  
finds its voice, romances  
the porch mirror

notes float on air
sweet song of streaky seedeater
spoilsport morning chores

faint evening breeze
ferries scent of frangipani
instant aromatherapy!

at the bird bath
birds of different feathers
flock together

at last, the first bud...
alas, falls victim to the gardener's hoe
my poor Allamanda!

at dusk fall
the robin-chat of my mind
melancholy calls

mousebird parties
feasting on peaches
tree of seeds

on my patio
Van Gogh’s blue iris
comes alive

molten mauve
path paved with petal-drops
Jacaranda showers

in the vegetable patch
mousebirds nibble on greens
under the scarecrow

squatting, waiting, warming
fiscal mother breathes life
into her brood

common shrike
chirrs its curtain call
another day gone

at feet patter
butterflies take wing
yellow petals scatter

king-size sunflower head
grosbeak weaver mama and toto
nestle onto a cozy bed

overhead, a kite trills
how can you tell if it is
Kenya or India?

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  1. Padmaja, you've truly turned Nairobi-stay into a spell of self-discovery!