Thursday, April 24, 2008

Haiku Moments in Wellington

Wellington is a hill-station and cantonment town sandwiched between Ooty and Coonoor. In my three years of stay here, the place compelled me to live the Krishnamurti (J)-way of life and I feel all the richer for it. Some emotions and experiences cannot be expressed any other way, but poetically. Then too, moments in nature and nature-thoughts lurking deep in the interstices of mind are best captured in haiku. 

child gazes
cypress canopy touching the sky
a chiaroscuro

birdsongs -
in the air; the breath…
that keeps us alive?

swirling mist
steals through the air
engulfing the silence

trees in the mist
play hide and seek
birds forget to sing!

grey mist
airbrushing the greens
brightens my day

dwarf hills
in the distance; at home
towering cypress

invisible melody
wallowing in anonymity
a shy blackbird

sipping winter frost
tranquility of blue mountains
Mumbai retreats

mocking cock-eyed
my amateur efforts at gardening
a pied bushchat

wine red
dahlia heads… bow
drunk in happiness

windy rain
a peach-laden branch
knocks at the window pane

rains don’t fool
the jacaranda’s abloom
summer is here!

whiff of wind tips
shoeflower to the garden floor
born again at temple door 

mist smoulders
chill sets in the bones
heart’s on fire

in a birdhouse
eating bread crumbs
a squirrel pup!

road romeo
eve teasing in Wellington?
why, it’s a whistling thrush!

the bare bough
curves upwards, comes alive
owl branches off

a single bud
florets in bouquet
agapanthus in violet explosion

blue-eyed moon daisy
opens a wink, stretches a limb
wakes up to sunshine

in the hollow
of a tree trunk
life begins!

a glorious day
alas! a hawk mauls a mynah
and flies away…

bells of fuchsia
crown the shrine, quietly, a garland
adorns Gods!

in a shrine
beneath tall eucalyptus
Gods sleep peacefully!

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